Services to support your unique and personal needs

The services offered at RCPC will address the individual as a whole and their unique and personal needs. The same recovery process does not work for everyone, and it is important to be open and understanding while walking someone through what is and is not going to work for them. Peer support is a non-judgmental service that allows individuals to make their own choices without fear of ridicule.

Life areas focused on at the RCPC

Housing Supports


Many people may be open and ready for the transition into recovery-based community living. RCPC works with Oxford Inc and other like housing structure in the area to secure individual who are ready have what they need to make it to the interviews and acquire a spot in the home. There are other housing needs however that need to be addressed depending on the individuals prior lived experience.

  • Transition out of houselessness
  • Transition into and out of sheltered settings
  • Support in Recovery based housing option
  • Seeking and securing permanent housing
  • Resource to housing supports


We may need to seek standard treatment methods this can include but are not limited to Medically assisted treatment programs, impatient programs, or outpatient. Our peer mentors can assist in these connections, provide need background information on the local facilities, provide referrals and transportation to and from assessments. Peer mentors help the community prepare for what they can expect while in treatment and support them as they address the other factors in their life that many be affected by their treatment attendance.

  • Connections to Detox
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Support while in treatment
  • Transportation
  • Meeting attendance
  • Alternative recovery programs
  • Long term recovery support
Supported Employment


Employment can be a huge barrier for people with lived experiences in substance use, mental health, and houselessness experiences. RCPC will start with basic resume assistance, connect peers to locally know second chance employers, and help their peer navigate the difficult conversations that come with walking through the interview process. In our supported employment program, we use tools such as role playing and mock interviews to get our peers familiar with having these conversations. RCPC holds sensitive information in confidential files so peers are not at risk of losing things like birth certificates or login information. Transportation and need interview attire is provided to all individuals who are engaged in this program.

  • Help applying online
  • Resume assistance
  • Practice Interviews
  • Connection to 2nd Chance employers
  • Transportation assistance
  • Documentation assistance
  • Interview readiness
Access to Medical


Individuals who have been suffering the symptoms of their substance use disorder and houselessness have limited or no access to medical care services. This is largely due to their lack of health insurance or a drop in coverage. The RCPC will aid in connecting individuals to the right medical coverage. Assist in helping individuals seek primary care providers. Peer Mentors will track and transport individuals to their doctor’s appointment. For individuals who suffer from medical related traumas, peer mentors can be a support during doctors’ visits.

  • Connections to OHP assisters
  • Support in finding medical providers
  • Transportation and support to medical appointments
  • Exploring Medicare Benefits
  • Wholistic Physical Health
Peer Center Support


This is more of an environment than a service. Our people do not know what to do with their free time when they are first in recovery. None of the places where they see the most people in recovery have an environment where they can just be. Hang out drink coffee and seek alternatives to using habits. The drop in environment provides this atmosphere to individuals seeking recovery. Where they can be with people who understand them and support them in their personalized journey. The drop in environment also provides others in recovery to share their self-care and recovery practices by opening the center to peer run classes and activities to help individuals new tin recovery develop new hobbies and habits.

DROP-IN HOURS : M-F 8am – 6pm, Sat 9am – 5pm
ADDRESS: 146 E 12th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401 



RCPC is offering quarterly CRM trainings to the Recovery Community. $375.00 Cost to Community Partners seeking to train Staff. Scholarships available to individuals with lived experience looking to start their career as a mentor.

  • Training is 40 hours in person
  • OHA and MHACBO approved
  • RCPC offers supported employment to all who attend to aid in securing future positions

2024 Trainings will be held on:

March 14th-20th
June 13th-19th
September 12th-18th
December 12th-18th